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BRIAH .....means 'life breath' - in choreography and performance, in classes and workshops, in life studies - Embodied Awareness. BRIAH continually speaks through the language of movement, explores body stories and moves in the light of human form.

Education & Outreach 

"Come as you are. . .  be ready and open ~  to shift and change - discover  and renew!"  We can come to you too ~ through festivals, residencies, regular and sensory friendly classes, workshops, performances and Master classes!


What do we do?  What makes us different?

BRIAH Danse is a professional contemporary ballet company working to preserve the legacy of great pioneers in the world of dance and support new choreographers/choreographies that speak through the art of dance.  BRIAH is focused on the language  of the whole dancer with the goal of resonating, spirit to spirit, with their audience. BRIAH dancers are asked to come from “a different place” to express the human experience.  Through personal discovery of movement and honest acceptance of their own bodies, our dancers develop and share knowledge, control, discipline, understanding, and deeply embedded understanding of life. 

BRIAH training is a journey in self-discovery...  each day, in each and every class, or rehearsal or quiet moment - we continually discover ourselves.

BRIAH residencies, workshops and performances are dilated to communication, exchange, remembrance and sustainability of the human experience … lest we forget…

What is the Vision? How do we do it?

From 50 years of experience- living in the time of 21st century masters; from the stages of the Royal Ballet in London, Italy, New York, and now Boulder, a tremendous, new system of movement called Embodied Awareness Systems Explained or E.A.S.E has been developed and is applied in  the company and in every day class.

BRIAH Danse Company revers and respects the traditions of the great masters; seeks to perform their works and preserve the legacies while reaching into the future today.  BRIAH Danse Company is a group of dancers living and understanding BRIAH Danse – using their personal understanding and growth to enhance their personal expression in and through movement as individuals and as a group of dancers dedicated to their journey in, with and through dance. This can only happen with mentally, emotionally and physically strong dancers. Development of self-image, authenticity and honesty within the classroom is at it’s foundation.

Training includes the use of the finest traditions in classical ballet and modern dance and offers an anatomical understanding of Russian, Italian, French, Danish, English and American and European pedagogy as well as American teachings in modern and contemporary dance.  BRIAH Danse also includes an understanding of Asian movement including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kabuki Theater.  It brings together Eastern and Western medicine and movement for health and well-being.  

Who are we doing it for?

There is a beauty  and richness in tradition  ~  We can choose to break conventions, change the rules, explore new territory if we know where we have come from.... Did you know that under Diagaliev, Ballet Russe sought to blend the wavelengths of the colors of Picasso to the wavelengths of Stravinsky or that originating movement from s specific muscle evokes an emotion?   In performance - we welcome you to be our witnesses - our audience.  We welcome you into our classes. We study and train with anyone who moves. We rehearse and perform for anyone who wants to live in a better, more connected world. We give our dancers a safe place, an open stage and unlimited performance goals so they can feel accomplished and successful.... and connected. 

What value are we bringing to the table?

There are two avenues to BRIAH Danse:  1) those who participate in class or in E.A.S.E training, including intermediate to advanced dancers and 2) those who perform; professional dancers.

Anyone who has taken class using E.A.S.E system of movement have discovered and produced incredible results. From strengthening weakened knees, hips, elbows, feet, etc. to understanding emotional components of the human spirit brings joy and acceptance. Within that framework, a sense of peace and contentment come into the lives of those who discover themselves and connection happens. There is value in these foundational movements and brings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Happiness and satisfaction with life are achieved. When given the opportunity, professionals who perform with the BRIAH philosophy under their technique can and do resonate with those who watch. Dancers who dance with open, honest hearts, combined with authenticity and vulnerability of spirit, and audiences that are appreciative together are raised and edified. Dancers continue to live healthy lives.

Taking our stage to those who don't have one

BRIAH Danse seeks to encourage those without strength to appreciate the arts, themselves and others. We are open to perform, to teach, to workshop with young dancers, those who struggle with self-image, those who haven't experienced what the arts can do and those who have dreams to better their lives. Opening our doors to those who don't get opportunities for dance, taking our stage to the local shelters, hospitals, cancer lounges and schools to promote the well-being and health through the arts and particularly dance and movement. We strive to share the countless discoveries our dancers make. 

Class Information for those who want to join us

5 Eight Week Terms          NOTE: Summer Schedule - June, July, August 2019 to be announced

Open Classes see schedule, requirements, dates, pricing and options

Trainee - Open To More Push! Classes see requirements, dates, pricing and options

Young Dancers' Project see requirements, dates, pricing and options

Private & Coach Classes Guest Artists, Master Classes, studio TBA see requirements and pricing

Guest Artists  Classes & Workshops to be scheduled throughout the year and summer months

EA Conditioning - Conditioning Classes open to all - exploring body, mind, spirit and possibilities for health, well-being, injury prevention and rehab.

Honored & Invited Guests Artists for 2018 -19

Beverly Bagg from Royal Ballet and Alberta Ballet

Keith Lee from Alvin Ailey and ABT |

Viki Psihoyos from Balanchine Trust

Valerie Madonia from ABT and Joffery and Colorado Ballet

Amada McKerrow & John Gardner from Tutor Trust and ABT |

Sharon Wehner, Domenico Luciano -former Principal dancers with Colorado Ballet

Yosvani Ramos - Colorado Ballet


BRIAH Danse/ Jayne Persch has significant experience working with International companies.

For more information about partnerships with International dancers and companies, go to Workshops.




Young Dancers'Project ~ Pre-professional Training for serious young dancers

audition and interview

 Training, Coaching, Rehab and Performance



Professional Track for Advanced Dancers

   Interview/Audition Required







Study Movement - The Body in Motion

 Discover - Body Stories

 Embrace - Form!



Functional Movement /Body Mind Connections for  Health & Wellness, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation