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The Dancer's Experience

Dancers who have worked with Jayne have much to say about BRIAH/E.A.S.E work. She gives dancers as well as non-dancers power and knowledge to come from a deeper understanding toward movement.  Discovery. Joy. Honor.  Respect. Reverence for the body you have. Integrity, character-based movement that comes from within.  

"Truth, integrity, honest expression. In training it comes through embodying awareness. In performance it is simple expression through initiation of movement through specified ‘emotional’ muscles." 

"As a classically trained dancer, Jayne helped me understand what dance is and what place dancers should come from. There is basic honesty and truth to everything Jayne teaches, which is not only refreshing, but makes everyone she influences more free to be more of who they are. Working with Jayne through BRIAH/E.A.S.E has completely changed my anatomical shape and alignment. Now I look for the ease in movement as evidence of the most natural or appropriate way to move.  As a scientist, I am naturally always on discovery and exploration. I have learned so much about my anatomy and what it takes to move in my own body and in my own way. "- Valerie Williams; Scientist

"When I met Jayne I was tired of being injured. I was afraid of pain. I was told by doctors to be careful and to medicate the pain away. Through training with Jayne in class with BRIAH/E.A.S.E work, I have found life again. I have moved beyond pain and found purpose, hard work and discipline. My brain is learning to trust, to settle, to let go. Jayne has empowered me with the knowledge to help heal. I am working to understand the deep connections within my body along with my habitual patterns. I am discovering a new love of myself and a sense of awe and wonder of what my body can do. My confidence has improved as Jayne has given me the courage to push myself. I’m beyond grateful for this journey with you Jayne.  Thank you."- Gwendolyn Pilling;

"Jayne is a miracle worker! Her understanding of the human body is extraordinary and every class is a journey into it's mysteries and wondrous capacities. Working with Jayne has allowed me to re-engage with ballet (a passion from my much earlier days) and continue to learn and grow. I never would have imagined being able to dance at age 61, with severe scoliosis no less. I feel stronger and more connected to my body than at any other time in my life and I owe this to Jayne and her BRIAH/E.A.S.E work. Her depth of knowledge and commitment to the growth and health of all her students are hallmarks of her teaching. She's simply the best!"                                                                                                                               -Deborah Malden;

"I have gained more anatomical knowledge that gives me more perspective on various idiosyncrasies I have in my movement. It challenges me to a new level of being precise beyond just a shape or a quality, but precisely what muscles to use in order to create dynamically efficient movement. Jayne's physical classes bring physical awareness to a whole new level. And her wealth of knowledge helps me connect every aspect of my being into our dance. BRIAH/E.A.S.E work brings change to our bodies and selves in ways we had previously signed off as 'not possible.'  All things are possible in Jayne's class."   -Maia Durfee; 

"Words to describe Jayne Persch's BRIAH/E.A.S.E work: listen, learn, life, purpose, hard work, discipline, trust, settle, let it's guard down, direction, think clearly, sensation, connection, patterns, emotions, whole, play, experiment, grace, presence, freedom, discover and gratitude."  -Megan D.; Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

"I have learned to respect my body and honor its capacity and limits. I have learned to be gentle, to move from the inside out. I have learned that all parts of me are interconnected and connected to the universe. That my responses are infinitely complex and must be elicited rather than forced. I have learned to be in inquiry about my body, to be curious when something arises that I resist or am impatient with. I have learned to take time and to feel."                   -Margaret Porter

"Jayne is one of the most influential people in both my daughter's lives. They began dancing with her 4 and 6 years of age. They learned about their bodies and how to take care of them, discipline and respect toward the other dancers as well as themselves. Both of them have grown to be beautiful women who share a wonder at the world around them. Jayne nurtured and brought out the creativity inside each of them. There is no doubt in my mind the positive role model Jayne has always been for them."                                                                                                                       - Stephanie Ouellete