BRIAH Danse Work's Statement of Purpose 

"Legacy  ... life breath into the futUre"

What BRIAH OFfers

As an artistic and educational organization, BRIAH Danse is a professional company that performs classical and contemporary ballet works based in the finest traditions carrying on the legacies of the masters and pushing the edge of contemporary ballet. The company reaches into local communities through its Educational Outreach Program with classes , workshops and open rehearsal and expands nationally and internationally through festivals, residencies, workshops and exchanges.

The BRIAH Young Dancers Project is a pre-professional program for serious students wishing to study and train in  the finest traditions with personal somatic understanding through  a system of movement that cares for each individual; physically, mentally and emotionally.

 BRIAH offers Open Classes for teens & adults in multi-genres of dance as well classes in Embodied Awareness Systems Explained conditioning. Tai Chi, Gyro, Yoga, from beginner through advanced professional. This comprehensive course of study is designed to help students to systematically build knowledge, develop skills with a new perspective, incorporating the new sciences with traditional training systems and ancient wisdom in positive and supportive environment. All classes, workshops and training are age and level appropriate. 

 A statement of Philosophy

The Arts can save a dying and muted world. BRIAH work/study/training provides dancers new places from which movement can come from. 

Jayne Persch, the founder of BRIAH Work, believes that in the changing times of today's world, it is imperative that we hold on to our feelings, retain awareness of our many senses, stimulate our children's imaginations, offer them inspiration and never dull or dampen their intuitions. We can all soon enough turn into machines or will it be that computers and artificial intelligence, machine generated images, emojis and efficiencies dominate the world in which human beings will merely exist... or not. 

Today -- more than ever before, we must give place to the psyche/soul and honor each human spirit and connection to the Greater or Divine Energy. Our times have sunk to disparaging cultures and religions. It is no longer about race, creeds, cultures, politics, power and money that separate people and claim superiority based on disconnect and discontent. 

The development of BRIAH Work is an outgrowth of years of training with great minds and spirits such as Dr. Michael Conforti, Yoram Kaufman and F. David Peat through the Assissi Conferences and Seminars as well as the Pari Center for New Learning; the full curriculum in Craniosacral Therapy cerated by Dr. John Upledger from basic through advanced, clinical applications to obstetric and pediatrics and Master Degrees in Dance in Education and Psychology. See Jayne Persch Background.

"The awareness and consciousness derived through my work in the studio with dancers, musicians and artists have simply brought me to more wonder. I have applied my studies to movement, physical therapy, craniosacral and therapeutic massage, bodywork, counseling and consultations. I feel privileged to have witnessed wonders. I believe that we need more people who will teach and bridge new and old materials; allowing their awareness and consciousness to guide them in their use of this information in therapy, toward health and well-being of body, mind and spirit. BRIAH Work ultimately leads to HYPAXIS - this is the dignity of being human to which there is no negation. It works through the senses, honoring the systems and the fields of the body and all living things surrounding; integrating body, pysche and Spirit!" - Jayne Persch

BRIAH Work has been developed from multiple movement forms including classical, contemporary and modern dance; Tai Chi, Yoga, Eurythmy, QuiGong, Alexander Technique, and Feldenkrais ATM as well as complete and continued training and experience. 

Applying BRIAH-Training

BRIAH Work can be for everyone and anyone who wants to take the time to look and see the human being from an old-new way; who will discipline themselves to study and challenge their work and will take great diligence in application. 

This approach offers an alternative understanding of body and mind, emotions and memories, psyche and spirit. It introduces new thoughts to be considered about the effects of colors and tones ~ their resonance and wavelengths; the housing of memories of todays and yesteryears not only in the mind but throughout the body - into its cells, molecules and atoms ~ the fields surrounding the body that have been known in many cultures since ancient times, DNA, physical and spiritual heredity and the promise of the future.  The information offered is a useful tool for individuals, parents, physical, massage and movement practitioners, counseling therapists, personal trainers, dancers, choreographers and others. When I am asked, who should take my classes? Who should study this information, I will answer ~ anyone who moves. and who sincerely believes in the precious value of each and every living being. Anyone who would like to feel and contribute to a world in peace, using all of it's resources for all. 

For Those Who Move

BRIAH Work is useful and important to dancers, athletes, performance artists such as skater, gymnasts as well as to body workers such as massage therapists, personal trainers, yoga instructors and teacher of dance and movement... for dancers, choreographers, composers. 

For dancers, choreographers, composers: In understanding more about your "instrument" called the human body, we can prevent injuries, rehabilitate former distortions and potential injuries as movers, dancers and non-verbal communicators. We can look at and bring to it an emotional and deeply sensual as well as mental quality into our work by understanding the housing of histories, memories, emotions and psychological responses in bodies. We can evoke emotions, portray a thought and resemble the effects and resonance of color and tone if we will only re-member, rekindle our sense.... to know how to move and where to move from. 

This work would also serve visual artist such as painters, sculptors, videographers, photographers as well as they pursue their training and careers in performance, production and exhibition. Musicians, as they imagine and visualize their music with all of tis tones and textures. This is BRIAH. It is foundational for The Arts. 

Anatomy Trains - Carl Jung's Conjunctio Mysterium - Eastern and Western Medicine CoalesceD

BRIAH Work is an additional voice to those who study muscles, the mind and Spirit! References to Dr. Thomas Meyer's work are through the course of study, however BRIAH continues it's study into healing, well-being and fundamentals of artistry. "People have asked me to write or teach what I am still learning about anatomy and kinesiology, Spirit, soul, mind, body... heart. I say come and discover with us."

Come discover more about this system of movement and BRIAH/E.A.S.E. See Classes for more information.


At the cutting edge of movement and medicine, we have become aware of fascia and connective tissue, meridians and anatomy trains as opposed to only single muscle or muscle groupings. We are respecting and adding mind-body into movement for health and well-being as well as artistic expression, connection and communication in performance arts... and there is still a call for excellence, athleticism and the push beyond apparent limits for those who hold dearly to the art of movement. We can us research and discovery for the health and well-being of dancers and movers. We can 're-member' the philosophies and the history of movement (not just of the performance and entertainment but the why and where a movement begins). In ballet, we can look to the courts and body-types of that country and the schools of training that began to nurture and train dancers in the "royal" systems. In Tai Chi and Martial Arts we can look to the dynasties and provinces for schools and lines. History combined with present will help us learn new systems of movements.