NEW ENROLLMENT OPENING! August 20th 2018 - May 8th (36 Weeks)


Open to More/PUSH! classes are high leveled classes for advanced and professional dancers looking to understanding their bodies and minds in movement; increase proficiency in techniques applicable to their styles of movement and performance.   Professional Track for Advanced & Professional dancers looking to enhance technique and artistry. It is a method of mapping the body for efficiency, increased artistry and performance as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation from injuries and injurious patterns. All Dancers must commit to  9 hrs + with Jayne Persch & Selected Coaches

Performance and outreach. Embodied Awareness Training and Certification are optional.  Audition and interview required.  Please contact us for audition and interview scheduling. Extended information on new projects including performances & outreach and audition are to be announced. 

  • This program is for Advanced & Professional dancers who want to hone their technique, push the limits of their abilities, discover new genres and personal ways of moving, applying personal anatomical understanding to their styles of movement and genres and increasing diminish the propensity for injury.  It includes unlimited Open classes Advanced Technique, Personal Anatomy, Challenge Classes - Unlimited Classes/week  & 2 Coach Sessions with Jayne Persch & specific guests.  Dancers in OTM/PUSH & GroundworX classes are encouraged to audition for projects with BRIAH Danse Company.