Monday 10:30-EA Basic Level 1with Bamboo & Silks                                      12:00 Foundation/Gateway Class for Movement/ Ballet
Wednesday 10:30 EA Conditioning Class                                                        12:00 Ballet Technique  1:30 Pointe ( Technique Class required)
Saturday  1:30 EA for Dancers & Movers                                                          3:00  GroundworX ~Modern/Contemporary

NO Classes – July        Saturday Classes August 11, 18th 25th (TBS with interest!) 

FALL CLASSES  ~Begin Week of  August 27th



SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ~ at Kinesis Dance, 5603 Arapahoe, Boulder

Monday -  10:30  EA Conditioning Foundations with Bamboo & Silks  for Healthy Movement

                  12 :00 Foundation/Gateways  - Basics for Dance & Movement - Ballet & Modern

Wednesday - 10:30 EA Conditioning & Strengthening

                      12 Ballet Technique - Mixed Levels

Saturday         1:30 EA Conditioning 2/3

                       3:00  Open Class GroundworX  - Mixed Levels


DANCING at The Dairy - Monday Evening Starting August 27th

5:30 BRIAH/GroundworX Class for Technique , Pizzaz & Injury Prevention

7:15 Bamboo & Silks Class .  Tai Chi based with 'Brocades' - long silk veils, Bamboo sticks, short, mediumm and long sticks; Energy Walking and Eurythmy

Dates: August 27th

September (4), 10th, 17th ,24th

October 1, (8)15th, 22nd, ( 29th)

November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 


Advanced & Professional Workshops -OTM & YDP

To be scheduled 

With Advanced Registration - Please call for Information.


Tuesdays & Thursday 1 pm BRIAH/GroundworX Class at Cleo Parker Robinson Dancee


OPEN CLASSES ~ Descriptions

Open to all, leveled for dancers and movers with previous training.

 BRIAH Dance Open Classes, 1.5 hrs include:

  • Foundation Class offers your personal understanding to ballet technique, modern dance and contemporary ballet, contemporary dance.  It includes movement in both parallel and rotated/turned out positions; mapping of our personal neuro-muscular systems and body awareness.
  • Ballet Technique Class  - Leveled & Open:  Classes uses of ABT, RAD, Vaganova, Cecchetti, and Bournonville as it appropriate to body/facility, age, learning skills, and training. All ballet classes are built for the dancers in each class, carefully designed to meet their anatomical needs and application of ballet in other styles of movement and every day life.
  • Modern/Contemporary Dance– Open: uses classical modern dance techniques including, Horton, Cunningham,  Limon and Graham to further the understanding of these pioneers in modern dance which has led to the  development of emotional & symbolic pedestrian  contemporary dance, contemporary ballet and the new age dance that we are seeing to day.
  •  BRIAH Class/GroundWorX - -  Open Class for Dancers including conditioning, and a blend of traditional  training techniques for both parallel movement (Jazz, modern & Contemporary) and rotated positions for Contemporary/Ballet with explorations in movement ideas.  
  •  Embodied Awareness Conditioning Classes & Workshops is a system of therapeutic exercises and movements not solely for dancers or movers but for everyone.  This system began with the training of a blind young dancer more than 25 years ago who is now considered a phenom.  It begins with internal and external proprioception, body awareness, muscles of movement and balance, centeredness, power and strength.  It is appropriate for all ages and all levels of movement and can be applied to dance, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, rehab and injury prevention. It brings together dance medicine and science, personal body and mind awareness, Eastern and Western understandings and applications of medicine and movement, the new sciences and continual breakthroughs in understanding our health and well being.  Embodied Awareness (EA) Conditioning classes are offered along with and separate from BRIAH Danse Training.  E.A.S.E Workshops and intensives are also offered to studios, conservatories and companies. Certification available.