GroundworX in Denver

After many conversations and requests, BRIAH Danse is excited to teach GroundworX in Denver; Ballet for modern/contemporary dancers and BRIAH/E.A.S.E work developed by Jayne Persch with 50 years of combined professional experience in movement.

GroundworX is a mixed genre class/workshop with base in classical training.  GroundworX includes both ballet and contemporary dance with personal anatomical understanding and explanation; parallel and turned out with attention to  alignment and  personal anatomy.  The class will include standing and floor work, conditioning  for somatic awareness in movement for injury prevention, ease of movement, technical efficiency and artistic expression.  I look forward to this mixed  class for both ballet based and modern/contemporary dancers… holding space and form for YOU to discover, explore and invite new possibilities of movement into your life!

Part 1- Embodied Awareness Systems Explained or E.A.S.E for your understanding of your personal anatomy, alignment, internal and external space in movement and for you to personally investigate areas that maybe you thought were impossible, painful or just wrong for you to do.

Part 2- A gentle and challenging warm-up in both parallel and turnout; perhaps on the floor, free or supported (at barre, window, chair) standing that develop and explor physical, mental and emotional strengths.

Part 3- Center work- moving in diagonals, full space, internal and external space and combinations

Note from director

"I am happy to share my background training and work experience in classical traditions and contemporary styles, choreography, awards, commission and therapeutic training if you would like more information. It has been a wonderful lifetime of experiences!

For many years - I traveled to Europe to teach ballet to modern/contemporary dancers in Netherlands, Denmark and Italy at the National Theater School/School of Modern Dance; Accademia Nazionale di Danza, University of Bologna

I taught modern/contemporary to Royal Danish Ballet and combined all of this work in Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy and Denmark.

I would love to teach, discover, explore and share all that I can  now ~ If this class peaks your interest - please do contact me.  I will hold space for you to be open, to get excited! to laugh and rediscover joy in movement.

I would love to continue to strengthen the class  and to bring in Keith Lee former Alvin Ailey  and ABT dancer; Jarek Cemerek from Czech Republic and choreographer for Ballet Boys, Megan Doheny from Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company…special people… special guests."  --Jayne Persch



Tuesdays & Thursday 1-2:30

Location:Cleo Parker Robinson Dance , Studio B

Begins August 28th - 

Let’s Dance!