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BRIAH Danse is a happy blend of movement rich in professional experience. Come join us for a deeper understanding of movement unique to your body. Jayne Persch offers a wide range of classes and adds value to your professional training. Sign up for our flexible and easy punch card system. Many locations are available to you. Discover the magic of Jayne Persch's classes!

Our adult program runs August 2018 through June 2019

BRIAH Dance Adult Class Descriptions | Open to all dancers and movers

  • Foundation Class offers your personal understanding to ballet technique, modern dance and contemporary ballet, contemporary dance. It includes movement in both parallel and rotated/turned out positions; mapping of our personal neuro-muscular systems and body awareness. For Beginners through Advanced

  • Ballet Technique Class - Leveled & Open: Classes uses of ABT, RAD, Vaganova, Cecchetti, and Bournonville as it appropriate to body/facility, age, learning skills, and training. All ballet classes are built for the dancers in each class, carefully designed to meet their anatomical needs and application of ballet in other styles of movement and every day life.

  • Modern/Contemporary Dance – Open: uses classical modern dance techniques including, Horton, Cunningham, Limon and Graham to further the understanding of these pioneers in modern dance which has led to the development of emotional & symbolic pedestrian contemporary dance, contemporary ballet and the new age dance that we are seeing to day.

  • BRIAH Class/GroundWorX - Open Class for Dancers including conditioning, and a blend of traditional training techniques for both parallel movement (Jazz, modern & Contemporary) and rotated positions for Contemporary/Ballet with explorations in movement ideas.

  • Embodied Awareness Conditioning Classes & Workshops is a system of therapeutic exercises and movements not solely for dancers or movers but for everyone. This system began with the training of a blind young dancer more than 25 years ago who is now considered a phenom. It begins with internal and external proprioception, body awareness, muscles of movement and balance, centeredness, power and strength. It is appropriate for all ages and all levels of movement and can be applied to dance, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, rehab and injury prevention. It brings together dance medicine and science, personal body and mind awareness, Eastern and Western understandings and applications of medicine and movement, the new sciences and continual breakthroughs in understanding our health and well being. Embodied Awareness (EA) Conditioning classes are offered along with and separate from BRIAH Danse Training. E.A.S.E Workshops and intensives are also offered to studios, conservatories and companies. Certification available.

All classes above are JP classes and can be paid for at

All classes above are JP classes and can be paid for at

All classes above are CB classes and can be paid for through Colorado Ballet.

All classes above are CB classes and can be paid for through Colorado Ballet.

*JP GroundworX class above can be paid for at GroundworX at Cleo's will begin 8/27  CPR classes above can be paid for at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

*JP GroundworX class above can be paid for at GroundworX at Cleo's will begin 8/27

CPR classes above can be paid for at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance


BRIAH Danse has many offerings, including Private Coaching classes, Workshops, and Therapeutic sessions. Click here to see all options available for all dancers and non-dancers. Jayne commits herself to giving the finest training and caring

To help with the overhead and insurances required for each venue, we ask for  a one time $45/ Annual Insurance/Registration Fee is requested with gratitude.  It is non-refundable and non-transferrable and applies to all classes, & workshops, August 2018-July 2019. If this fee is paid in person, don't add it to your cart online.  Thank you for your support in this.

NEW CHOICES for PAYMENT METHOD ~ either 8 Week Term Payments OR Punch Cards.

NEW TO BRIAH: PUNCH CARDS SYSTEM - 4 ( Intro) 10 class punch cards now available: Expiration for all punch cards - 60 days/2 months

Please bring your receipt to class to receive your card. Please sign in for each class - thank you!

Winter Classes resume January 2nd Winter (8week term) January 2- February 23rd, Winter/Spring - February 24th- April 13th - Spring Classes April 22nd - June 15th -

Try a class! First Class Free - Join us anytime for All Adult Classes. New Classes added with Interest!

4 Week/Monthly for June, July, August All classes must be made up within the term and may NOT be extended beyond 1 week of end of term, Thank you

  • 1 Class/Week $72

  • 2 Classes/Week $144

  • 3 Classes/Week $215

  • 4 Classes/Week $285

8-WEEK TERM  Payments -  All missed classes must be made up within the term and may not be extended beyond 1 week of end of term. Thank you.

  • 1 Class/Week $144

  • 2 Classes/Week $285

  • 3 Classes/Week $430

  • 4 Classes/Week$565

Punch Card   for OPEN Classes ! Expire 1 months from Date of Purchase

  • Drop-in $18

  • Intro 4 Class Card $60 (for New Students 1 time)

  • 10 Class Card $175 ( 1 month use)

Professional Cards for Dancers currently dancing with a professional company Open card

  • 10 Class Card $150

 Please purchase your Class Card or Pay for your 8 Week Term through payments page and bring your receipt to class for your card.

Class cards are valid for 60 days/2 months from date of purchase and are non-transferrable. 8Week

Term payments are for 8 week terms - dates as stated.

What our dancers say...

"As a classically trained dancer, Jayne helped me understand what dance is and what place dancers should come from. There is basic honesty and truth to everything Jayne teaches, which is not only refreshing, but makes everyone she influences more free to be more of who they are. Working with Jayne through BRIAH/E.A.S.E has completely changed my anatomical shape and alignment. Now I look for the ease in movement as evidence of the most natural or appropriate way to move.  As a scientist, I am naturally always on discovery and exploration. I have learned so much about my anatomy and what it takes to move in my own body and in my own way. "- Valerie Williams; Scientist

"Jayne is a miracle worker! Her understanding of the human body is extraordinary and every class is a journey into it's mysteries and wondrous capacities. Working with Jayne has allowed me to re-engage with ballet (a passion from my much earlier days) and continue to learn and grow. I never would have imagined being able to dance at age 61, with severe scoliosis no less. I feel stronger and more connected to my body than at any other time in my life and I owe this to Jayne and her BRIAH/E.A.S.E work. Her depth of knowledge and commitment to the growth and health of all her students are hallmarks of her teaching. She's simply the best!"  -Deborah Malden                                                                             

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Coming 2019, BRIAH Danse will have the opportunity to bring the BRIAH Project to the stage! Each dancer will have an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful performance. The knowledge and art gained through class will bring YOUR discovery and YOUR art to the stage where others will resonate through your movement. Please join us! Auditions available by contacting us directly. Contact us!


Jayne Persch classes

Welcome  to 2018-19 Classes!

 I am looking forward to seeing you in Embodied Awareness Conditioning, Technique Classes in Ballet , Modern & Contemporary Dance. I will be teaching a great GroundworX class giving voice to Ballet for Contemporary & Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance for classically trained ballet dancers with combinations, choreography and challenges!  I will also teach  Bamboo & Silk (based in Tai Chi) for ease in movement and a study of the Yang Long Form using short, long and medium bamboo sticks and copper rods. Workshops In Embodied Awareness and more will be coming!  I hope you will join us and discover more through dance & movement in all of the Open Adult Classes!


BRIAH E.A.S.E Embodied Awareness System

Embodied Awareness Classes - at Kinesis Dance in Boulder- M 10:30, W 11am, Saturday 1:30

In Denver - At Cleo Parker Robinson Fridays at 4 pm

Workshop - Stardust & Sacred Geometry ~ the Body in Movement -

February 24th 2019

Rediscover & Renew your wonder in bodies!

See, Feel, Follow the Wisdom of your body

Workshops are for movers, teachers, trainers, therapists and body-mind enthusiasts. Focus on new awareness, connections, body, for and movement.

Yes, muscles to organs, to memories, psychological response, emotions- follow anatomy trains and meridians, discover your movement, prevent injuries, supportive and disabling patterns, rehabilitate your body, mind and spirit!