Presentation June 24, 2001  Assisi Conference & Seminars 4 Day Conference

Abstracts/Notes for Lecture Presentation

Collapsing the Dualities of : The Big Bang/The Beginning and The Human Form

Seeing with the third eye ~ A Way to See the Image

Tools  for Self – perceiving, Self-communication and Self-Observing

Matter and Configuration – imbued with spirit –

The Body as a container for the Soul – a reflection of the soul’s journey to meet God (The Unconscious)

There are two parts to this presentation ---- For the beginning, I would like to take two ideas and collapse them into one in a moment.

  • The first is what Dr. Michael Conforti has presented so often – the initial conditions inform us about the eventual outcome….( Morning Lecture and  Field, Form and Fate, Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche – Michael Conforti, 1999, Spring Publications Inc, Woodstock, Ct
  •  The second is  the most profound of symbols – the human form.

Before I collapse these two apparently disparate  concepts – I would ask you ~ what if  we were more  - say six sided or 12 – that is anything other than 2?.  We contain two’s at this point in our evolution… are we progressing toward 3 and then perhaps to 5 then 8, 13 ~ the Fabonocci system.  It is just a thought – given to engage  your thoughts.

But for now we more or less contain dualities ~ and if I asked you to go back to  your beginning, would you go to conception as a thought full place?  I would like to take us back to the Beginning with a big B… just as an imagination.

When I began this work with Assisi  2 Year Certificate Program, I was interested in the mind/body connections.  It has developed into the correlations and ‘conjunctio’ of  matter and spirit and has brought in  the new sciences of physics and biology; archetypal dimensions that I am still learning ~

A cornerstone to my thoughts is a statement that was made by  Dr. Erwin Laslo in  Assisi, Italy in 1998 – ‘all particles born together, resonate together… they surpass time and  space,  in these particle there is non-local resonance.’

I have always maintained that this body  is the densest manifestation of me – of you. That is  - this is the most compact arena of molecules, atoms and ‘particles’ that  manifest me… or you.  There are finer more delicate/less tangible fields around us – and now – this is all coming to be proven – whether we call the first external layer our electro-magnetic or etheric, the next astral – and the fourth Ego.  I think there was a great Zeitgeist at the end of the 20th Century when many people explored these less tangible subtle realms of our existence.  Today there is another  over arcing energy as more and more Western thinkers  ‘prove’ eastern traditions and  wisdom. 

Now I ask the questions we heard Arey (Maidenbaum, PhD.) speak about – spirit and meaning, soul and psyche, time and space – resonance and resolution of opposites and  dynamic tension.

Michael (Conforti, Ph.D) has also talked about  chaos theory and the necessity of chaos for change – can we call that evolution or shall we just use the word change….. well let us talk about the chaotic attractor , entrainment -  toward and around which  the energy constellates – ever tightening -  ‘containing’ its own energy, creating heat through the friction of particles ever more tightly contained  ….. until explosion!!!  Or as Michael calls it – a threshold toward a new paradigm  - Vortex - Descent , spiral – falling … tension-connection, alignment, resonance and promise – Time Falling Bodies – take to light…

Yoram Kaufman – In  The Way of the Image  - Dr. Kaufman states that there is no such thing as a void – rather a void is  Dynamic Space … the formless – waiting to be formed, identified - manifest .  He speaks about dynamic tension in concert and performance halls as a space of dynamic tension waiting to be imbued with meaning formed between audience and performer and crowned with the symbol of  an angel atop the hall…. Let us continue to look at this image that I am drawing ~ This is the chalice of our existence – the archetypal form into which we incarnate….

In the human form we have the re capitulation of the big bang. Our bodies are a cosmic memory of an ever far distant past and yet it is the promise of our future…I draw this as a symbol… and a possibility for understanding.

Each time I draw this – it becomes more profound to me … (please see attachment)

My thoughts on this form – this symbol

Organs - Contained in this lower bowl – we find the tools for our ascent – the organs of reproduction, final digestion and the elimination of waste and what we no longer have to carry -  the yang meridian energy. Contained in the Upper bowl is the heart and the lungs, the gall bladder and the pancreas, the thymus and the balance of the endocrine system – the yin meridian aspects

 And the third quadrant is a vast ocean – the brain and the stem, the network – deep inside – making sense of the outside – the cranial-sacral system – often called the ‘core’ of our existence by John Upledger of the Upledger Institute. The formative parameters of this chalice are also known as restrictive diaphragms in carnio-sacral therapy.  As we release the restrictions in these diaphragms, we become more connected to the “core”, more balanced and ’in-tune’ with the harmony of our selves.

Bones ––  Form the frame. They contain the solid manifestation of our farthest past – sculpted, molded, embedded with wisdom and promises.  Each bone is turned and washed; placed carefully in the configuration which is called ‘human’ being.  Did you know that  the shape of our head and the shape of our pelvis are fractelly reflective of each other.  In a mass grave, anthropologists can and do match the head to the pelvis and then are able to reconstruct the entire skeleton. 

Look at this rib cage for example in a new and imagined way - Rib cage

I think Our bones are reflective of our human genealogy – heredity

They Link us to the past and ensure us that we have a future – that what we learn will be passed down – our learning is embedded into our bones and into our blood or the DNA of our being – the concrete sequential, dense manifest….Our heredity gives us the skills and the possibilities of understanding and learning on this earth… It is the foundation – and a resting place for our images – imagination… our anchor

The bones – might also contain the shadows,  the dark side , past, inclusive of the mistakes and the promise of the future

Muscles Our muscles – swirl and drape these bones – ( are they  our spiritual heredity, a manifestation of  the soul’s journey) and where we are ‘now’ on our path… Turger, tension, elasticity – the health of the muscles reflect the health of the organs… are they the ‘health of the archetype at work….

In both bones and muscles , organs and systems of the body -we find wavelengths.  Sound (tone and pitch)and color from light and through pigments are wavelengths. Studies are now being conducted by Dr. Valerie Hunt, Dr. Faith Chloe Wordsworth in her Holographic Reprogramming Institute- artists and musicians are studying and incorporating the wavelengths of colors and tones to be used as healing modalities. The Centerpointe Institute, Therese Schecker-Schroeder studied and now uses music to release the shackles of life  for the dying through  the Chalice of the Repose and offers training in a two year program inMusic Thanatology in Montana.

Wavelengths – the drapings are not random, the curves are not  by chance, the neuro-transmitters are not too distant nor too close

The body is the densest manifestation of our ‘self’ – it is constantly changing, in relationship to ALL around us.

                                                            Of our constant process of individuation

                                    The conincidentia oppositorum

                                    The ultimate , uniting symbol of opposites

                                    The mandala of this lifetime’s existence

Dr. Mario Jacobi  calls our body the  vehicle of the ‘transcendant function’

For me it is the uniting symbol – the body patterns can be read and understood throughout life

                        The patterns are the conformation of muscles depicting the over-arching moment in time and space –

                        The rectification of the archetypal opposites at play –

The body  is the manifestation of the traversing between ego and  the  unconscious`.

            It specifically reflects the area of ‘struggle’ and offers a likely  key to the restoration of balance between the ago and the unconscious.

In Medicine and Meaning, (p. 135 ) Larry Dossey calls ‘The body is the universal mandala – ‘no wonder we have adored the ‘divine form’, Or pictured God in our image, Or said that we are the ‘reflection’ of God.

 In our bodies we can see the balancing of the physical and the metaphysical, the movement of the psyche – It Is specific  to the areas of strain and counter strain.

Muscles to Organs to Psychological responses

Lawrence Dossey talks about – the body 

If – in fact, the body’s atoms are “being replaced in an invisible stream at a rate of 98 % of the 1028th  each year”( The Stable Body – L. Dossey Meaning and Medicine) – healers  understood and channeled their  resonance in understanding toward  ‘harmonies’ of the spheres… both as they  sloughed off old atoms  or as the Egyptians understood returned these atoms to the light  - and as they created new potential light  from what they took in from there environment…. (The Solid Body –ibid.) “Atoms are today conceived as waves of possibilities… the dynamic properties of  matter  depend on us and  the observations we make [however unconscious we may be of these observations ]  Maybe we have a hand in shaping the world and the stuff of our bodies – a world that w e once presumed had nothing to do with us]

         Individual Bodies – we are incessantly weaving a fabric of ‘being between us and all the atoms

Each breath we take, has millions of molecules breathed not only by the five  billion people on this earth but by every living creature… cows, horse, birds, bees, frogs , trees  - medicines were once understood as balancing what we could  not take in or receive in our ‘breath’ and so they were made up of mineral, plant or animal “spirit” -  wise men – again understood and could see the relationship and lack of harmony or resonance and sought to replace it – first in the spirit and lastly in the body of a man.

If the initial conditions inform us as to the potential outcome… there is a re-ascent  - herein we have the potential for  rebound -  through the tension of the initial planets –to the lower planets to the boomerang to the outer planets[ Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the younger planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth}

Physical heredity – vs. spiritual heredity.

To recognize The Meaning behind our existence is to come more face to face with God – with our spirit – our holy spirit…. The psyche is the container for this spirit.

The one reason that psychology  is alive – (works) is the common journey toward consciousness) – why we look to mythology and symbols and recognize their significance.  Our bodies are our vehicle of consciousness through which we become conscious and aware of our journey.

Areyah Maidenbaum – Assisi June 22, 2001

Dynanic Alignment – Dynamic Tension – Dynamic Resonance for change (healing) , suspension – analysis,  denial ( destruction)

The wise man/woman responsibilities include the ‘tuning’ of  this dynamic resonance  into – toward harmonies which then can be  used to it and knit”, sand play, drama, dream therapies and a capacity to listen to children and their connections to the unconscious.

Personal journey from food sales man., to historian to Jungian analyst to wise man – always observing the sign  posts – self observing /self perceiving

The capacity to sit and knit, to realize that playing music was an honor to God – comes from time and experience, from understanding and deepening information that has become wisdom –{Dick Ott called this Focal Awareness vs. Tacit Awareness – further example – was his training first to hold/grasp a scalpel; make it an extension of his arm; move his arm, hand, scalpel as one with his brain…experience ~ from focal to tacit awareness.

The wise man has spent time – and become conscious of his experience – it takes time and spatial integration – the breathing in and transformation – the convergence of matter and spirit –

 Time Falling Bodies Take to Light -  We have the capacity to transform molecules and atoms back into light…as we become conscious… is this not why Jung called unconscious acts – those of the shadow

The question – Am I becoming wiser or more foolish – can only be asked after much experience (time) as we validate our existence recognize our journey.

The Sacredness of time, space and place -  for your – it is the recognition of your journey from  food seller ( nourisher) through historian, to analysist, to learning/wise man…. Jerusalem is a place of tradition – from whence you were born, whose breath you take, whose high stories you live and carry as you mantle…. Just as Michael also carries the heritage of  Italy  - you both ‘look’ like your individual mandate – it is important to recognize the heredity  and the responsibility.  It is  a part  of one’s make up – in each of us – to a greater or lesser degree.  (As you said – there is not one man created like another – if there was – there would be no reason for  this person to be created  ~ however – there is another side – while we are different, we are the same … we are the same and yet different – becoming more alike  and yet  in the process, we have   appeared more different.  Our journey has made us each more unique – our tasks have each been different and our journeys toward the light (consciousness) have  honed us each to be come more different. The process of being human.

6/23/01 - lecture notes                                                                       

Innate organizing principles – configurations, patterns

Archetypal dynamics -  influences, organize life

Arch – recognized –by its power, feeling, tone, affect of it

Jerusalem – in Eurythmy

Standing….Taken from both heaven and earth

Embraced in the center of  being and rolling  from the cosmos through the universe to me,

Swirling, in ah ~ wonder, a fountain from the earth for me to see, embrace

Individuation – mystery of lifelong search

Chaos, neglect of inner spirituality

Holds many opposites together  - pure and the harlot – death and rebirth- container and abandonment

Complex and many layered being

Quest for meaning…

Search for  spirit –

Breath of life – soul – specter out of which emanates all life –

Spirit means meaning! Meaning vs. meaninglessness

Soul & Psyche =same….?

Soul and the body cannot be separated –

We look for spirit – the manifestations of the divine.


Crisis – major loss – driving force is the suffering in which we feel the lack of wholeness…

Search for the wholeness – for the divine.

But you were born Jewish Arey and must carry that mandate - she brought you back to yourSelf

Start looking in your own tradition and you will find the threads of meaning – strip yourself to the bare bones and find the container for your spiritual quest ….

Dreams keep us alive – the pipeline to the unconscious

The therapeutic relationship 

Dynamic tension = tension between our past and the present = yields the future

            Links the tools we bring to learn. Process has its own time schedule