Join our team to present Project '19!


We need YOU to join our Board of Directors to ensure the future of BRIAH... as an individual who loves the arts, a business person who can  support and gather support for BRIAH and its mission  as a representative of an industry or corporation - if you believe in the arts and in BRIAH as a voice for  noble and essential legacy and future through the arts through dance -Meet me, talk with me, dream with me..... I hope you will join me.  With thanks ~ Jayne Persch


  • Marketing & PR - Director & Intern - Photography, videographer, printed material

  • Grant Writer, Grant Research - Research Guidelines, deadlines, and write grants to support BRIAH

  • Events Co-ordinator - Intern ~ Organize events, performance, outreach calendar; create contacts

  • Community Representatives ~ Join us to create visibility for BRIAH in your community. Host gatherings, fun fund raisers, pre-performance parties and more!


  • Artistic Advisory Committee ~ Give us your artistic advise, suggestions, ideas!

  • Community & Outreach Advisors ` Where can we take BRIAH in communities? How can we invite communities 'in' to BRIAH work, establish our educational & artistic outreach to schools, health, senior and community groups

  • Events Advisory Committee - Help us plan our events to collaborate with fellow artists and arts groups, plan 'talk backs' and educational outreach as we journey in the arts.

Auditions Open for  BRIAH  Project '19 -


Auditions are now open. Inquiries welcome. Please send Bio & Video to