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BRIAH Danse  

Embedded in the past and reaching toward the future


BRIAH Danse is a non-profit, professional company with reverence and respect for the traditions of the past, the legacies of the masters and the future of dance!  Each dancer works to become... more by using their personal understanding and growth to enhance  expression in and through movement. As individuals and as a community of dancers they are dedicated to their journey in and with and through dance.

We dance...

                 with  passion,  integrity,  and excellence ...

                We move
                      ... with innovation and creativity
.                to inspire ,
 and evolve the rich traditions in  dance & movement.

     We honor the diversity of the human experience,               

     joining with musicians, artists and choreographers
                  enrich our community.

            We dance to - breathe                                      

                                               BRIAH means  'Life Breath'!